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Loop Biotech is an innovative scale-up based in Delft with a mission to enrich nature. We believe that our next-generation products have a positive footprint.

In collaboration with mushrooms, nature's largest recyclers, we are growing the world's first living coffin and urn in just 7 days. This provides humanity with the opportunity to enrich life after death.

Our invention is being discussed worldwide, and now it is our task to scale up the product and spread it across the globe. Are you in?

Our Values.

At Loop Biotech, we embrace three core values that form the essence of our company:

  • Positive Footprint: We aim to leave a positive impact not only on our planet but also in every place we touch. Sustainability is more than a goal for us; it is a commitment to improve the Earth and create beauty wherever we are active.
  • Growth: Growing together is the driving force behind our ambition, innovation, and continuous learning experiences. We believe in the power of growth, both at the individual level and in collaboration with others. Our enterprise thrives on the challenges of innovation and the determination to constantly evolve.
  • Make it Happen: At Loop Biotech, we like to take the lead. "Make it Happen" represents our proactive approach, hands-on mentality, and the belief that words should be turned into actions. We embrace responsibility and strive for results, knowing that action is the key to success.

By bringing together these core values, we aim to cultivate a company culture that not only inspires our employees but also contributes to a better world.

Benefits & Perks.

  • Impact: Collaborate with a passionate and dynamic team driven by a common purpose. Here, we strongly believe in the power of small actions with a significant effect. We are not just a company; we are a movement with profound meaning and impact.
  • Personal Development: Investing in your growth is our priority. With a learning budget of €1000 per person, we not only encourage individual development but also foster collective growth. You'll experience a steep learning curve with learning happening not just through study but also through direct experiences. Here, "learning by doing" serves as the foundation for your personal development.
  • Health & Wellbeing: Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the workplace. Monthly, you'll enjoy a relaxing massage to promote your physical and mental well-being. On Mondays and Thursdays, a healthy lunch awaits you to recharge your energy. For sustainable and healthy commuting, we offer electric bikes from the workplace, allowing you to stay active in an environmentally friendly way. Your health is our priority.