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Are you one of us?  

We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, designers and engineers with an incredible drive to start a bio-revolution and enrich the natural world. 

If you values this, you are probably one of us. 

🚀 Go BIG or go home. We like to think big and take risks. Because we believe in ourselves and in our vision that humanity should become part of the cycle of life. 

🌱 Truth. We are conscious human beings. We value feedback as we understand it is the only way to grow. For all I know, I know nothing. 

🌎 Positive footprint. This is the core of our business, we are the next generation that will enrich the natural world. We lead by example. Are you ready? 

We are supported in our journey by ecosystems like YES!Delft, Naturalis Biodiversity Institute, TU Delft and have several experienced advisors and former CEO's who guide us along our moonshot. 


First Living 


What do we do?   

What if our everyday objects are alive? Imagine breathing homes, living lights and self-healing T-shirts. Nature has so many solutions for our everyday challenges. 

We are on a mission to make humanity part of the cycle of life by collaborating with the natural world. We grow a new generation of living products that enrich life. Are you ready for the biorevolution?

Mushrooms are nature's biggest recycler and the driving force behind the Earth's end-of-life cycle. That's why we invented the world's first living coffin grown from mushrooms that enables humanity to enrich life after death. From graveyard to forest.

Were are we going?   

Loop Biotech was founded in a TU Delft lab in 2020 by Bob Hendrikx. Since the first prototypes in the garages and in the YESDelft Incubator, we now stand on our own two feet with a beautiful factory near the TU Delft Campus. Giving people worldwide a chance to become a tree and enrich nature.

With the recent investment of €1M at Dragons Den, collaboration with the Europe's largest funeral homes, first 350+ customers, Awards and Media exposure, we have already made considerable progress. 

We are currently super busy scaling up and automating our production capacity from 30 products to 500 products per month. In addition, we are developing a new product portfolio that is not only better for nature, but also for the eye. At the same time, the business side of the company focuses on new partnerships and international expansion, to achieve global impact. 

We are doing everything we can to make these very ambitious plans a reality, but we cannot do this alone. That is why we are looking for new LOOPERS who want to go GO BIG just like us.

Bob Hendrikx

CEO - Founder

Lonneke Westhoff


Misty van Vliet

Lead Production & Logistics

Zoë Hessels

Business Development

Allard van Hamersveld

Strategic Sales

Sander van den Berg

Lead Technology

Eline Bobbe


Jens Peeters

Product Engineer

Ivo Steneker


Adriaan Przespolewski

Product Engineer

Steijn van Schoor

Mechanical Engineer

Growing Squad

10-20 TU Delft 


Shawn Harris


Charles De Monchy

Strategic Advisor

Bob Ursem

Scientific Advisor 

Maurits Westerik

Legal Advisor 

Marc Krans 

Market Advisor 

Pieter Schoen


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